Centre for Disaster Risk Reduction


  • Studying the causes of disasters and developing appropriate technologies for disaster risk reduction
  • Developing indegenous technologies for addressing problems such as sea erosion which are unique to our region
  • Providing periodic training/dissemination of knowledge to local community
  • Monitoring of critical parameters and development of data base
  • Carrying out damage assessment after disasters and assisting the government in planning the policies for relief distribution
  • Predicting typical types of disasters based on past histories
  • Developing IT tools & early warning systems
  • Economics and policy analysis of disaster risk for sustainable development
  • Carrying out detailed studies on the vulnerability of lifeline structures of the region and suggest measures for their retrofitting through laboratory as well as field studies
  • Making recommendations for improving the reliability of important infrastructures of the region in a possible disaster scenario
  • Developing the centre with modern state-of-the-art equipments/instrumentation
  • Collaboration with researchers and organizations associated with similar activities at regional, national and international level. 

  • Environmental Disaster Management
  • Earthquakes
  • Floods and Tsunamis
  • Roads and Traffic
  • Landslides and Slope stability

  1. Proposed a Workshop on " Mitigation of Disaster on Roads” on 10.10.2014 to 12.10.2014 
  2. Proposal for the procurement of  Analytical Equipments for Environmental Disaster Monitoring and prevention on 14 Feb. 2014 worth R 10 Lakhs
  3. Conducted a Workshop on "Community Resilience through UAV"  on Feb. 27,28 and March 01, 2014
  4. Delivered a Key Note Lecture on Ëcotechnology - Present and the Future"at the two days National Workshop on “Civil Engineering Challenges In 21st Century (Cec21-2014)” during 21 & 22 Feb. 2014 at MITE, Moodabidri
  5. Three Students submitted M.Tech thesis on related topics.
  6. Brain Storming Sessions held.
  7. Rendered advice on conducting a National Seminar on "Disaster Management" at Besant Womens College, Mangalore.
  8. Conducted a Three Day Workshop on “Training of Environmental Science and Engineering Professors” on 19-20 September, 2013.
  9. Courses on "Disaster Management" and "Environmental Management", "Coastal Erosion and Mitigation",  " Coastal Disaster Management" being offered at UG and PG level respectively.
  10. Established a full fledged Earthquake Laboratory with Research facilities.
  11. Proposed a Workshop on "Innovations in Safe Industrial Applications of Nuclear Technologies” on 23.10.2013 and 24.10.2013

  1. Members of the Core Committee :
  2. A.V.Hegde, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  3. Subba Rao, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  4. Kiran Shirlal, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  5. M.K.nagaraj, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  6. A.Mahesha, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  7. N.Lakshman, Department of Applied Mechanics and Hydraulics.
  8. Sitharam Nayak, Department of Civil Engineering.
  9. K.S.Babu Narayan, Department of Civil Engineering.
  10. R.Shivashankar, Department of Civil Engineering.
  11. A.U.Ravishankar, Department of Civil Engineering.
  12. K.N.Lokesh, Department of Civil Engineering.
  13. Katta Venkataramana, Department of Civil Engineering.
  14. Subhash Yaragal, Department of Civil Engineering.
  15. M.C.Narasimhan, Department of Civil Engineering.
  16. S.Shrihari, Department of Civil Engineering.
  17. Harshavardhan, Department of Mining Engineering.
  18. M.B.Saidatta, Department of Chemical Engineering.
  19. G.Srinikatan, Department of Chemical Engineering.

Coordinator CDRR and
Professor, Department of Civil Engineering
N.I.T.K.Surathkal, Mangalore - 575025.
Ph: (0824) 2473346; 91 9449087533
Email : shrihari [at] nitk.ac.in
           s. shrihari [at] gmail.com
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