Centre for Sustainable Development

“Sustain the Mission – Preserve Our Environment – Secure Our Future”


  • To promote interdisciplinary activities and initiatives that lead to sustainability by integrating the economic, social and environmental factors with technologies in the developmental process.
  • To develop and showcase the cost effective solutions in the areas of water, air, solid waste management, energy and land use planning and other issues related to environmental resources using the state of art technologies.
  • To carry out inter disciplinary research and disseminate the knowledge wit regard to feasible solutions in Indian situations.
  • To develop cost effective solutions for harnessing renewable energy resources.
  • To set up a data base for cleaner production and help the industries for adoption.
  • To offer PG/Training/Certificate courses

  • Environmental planning and management of natural resources (Air, Water, Energy, Land)
  • Sustainable cities
  • Clean/Green Technologies
  • Socio economic Surveys
  • Rural - Urban Dynamics - Strengthening Techniques


  • Research and policy advice
  • Capacity Building and Training
  • (Post Graduate and certificate courses)
  • Testing and consultancy
  • Planning and implementation of developmental projects
  • Dissemination of Sustainable solutions (through Seminars, Conferences and Workshops


  • The Departments of Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics and Mining Engineering have been carrying out several activities pertaining to issues related to Environment.
  • Equipments and Software tools required for Testing and Analysis are available in these departments.
  • This Centre will bring together the expertise and resources available in various departments and integrate them to promote the basic objectives.

Department of Chemical Engineering

  • EIA and EMP
  • Testing of water and waste water
  • Design of Treatment systems
  • Solid waste and Hazardous Waste Management
  • Risk and Safety Management
  • Cleaner production

G SrinikethanGopal MugerayaMBSaidutta, Vidya Shetty

Department of Applied Mechanics & Hydraulics

  • Surface water hydrology
  • Irrigation
  • Drainage
  • Ground water engineering
  • Marine structures  & Coastal protection
  • Integrated coastal zone management
  • Use of Remote sensing and GIS tools
  • Tidal Energy

S.G.Mayya, N Lakshman, MK Nagaraj, A Mahesh, G.S.Dwarakish, B M Doddamani, K Varija, Amba Shetty, K Subrahmanya

Department of Civil Engineering

  • Waste and Waste water engineering
  • Design of WWTP
  • Water Reuse and Recycling and Management
  • Sustainable Construction Technologies
  • Renewable Energy
  • Solid Waste Management
  • E-Waste Management

S Shirihari, Subhash C Yaragal, K.S.Bbunarayan, Basavaraj Manu

Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Control systems,
  • Energy storage systems
  • Energy Audit and Management

Udaykumar R.Y, H.S.Y ShastryK.N Shubhanga, I R Rao, Nagendrappa

Department of Mechanical Engineering

  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Biodiesel
  • Engine technologies
  • Bio-gasifiers
  • Wind Energy

Mohanan, Ashok Babu, NarendranathMohan kumar

Department of Mining Engineering

  • Environmental issues in mines
  • Mine safety
  • Blasting
  • Noise Control and Illumination

V.R.Shastry, CHSN Murthy, Harshavardhan

Examples of Ongoing R&D Research Projects
  • Geotechnical Studies At Mangalore Airport

  • Slope Stability Studies, Design Of Retaining Walls For Varahi Project

  • Structural Stability Studies At Kukke Subrahmanya

  • Water Quality Assessments

  • Design Of Fire Water Distribution System

  • Inspection Of Coastal Ersoion Protection Works Along DK Coast

  • Design Of Blasting Methodology For Controlled Blasting

  • Design Of Soil Pollution Control Measures For KIOCL Mines

  • Environmental Impact Assessment Studies For NMPT, Tuticorin Port Trust, BARC (Kaiga Project).

  • Ambient Air Quality Monitoring For MRPL

  • Investigations On The Collapse Of CollingTowers For MCF

  • Flow characteristics and pollutant dispersion(BRNS)

  • Lead contamination in ground water (TEQIP)


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