Centre for System Design

Centre for System Design - a centre of excellence at NITK Surathkal envisages an interdisciplinary approach and means to enable the realization of successful engineering systems. Key component for realizing a successful engineering system are system modeling & simulation, understanding system dynamics, system optimization, virtual and physical experimentation. The Centre aims at facilitating and providing required environment and facilities for all the key components of system design. The Centre to provide environment to research how to address and solve problems that transcend traditional boundaries in engineering as modern engineering problems are comprised of elements from all the traditional engineering disciplines and these elements must be integrated into a functioning whole to meet the overall design objectives.


  • To provide facilities for experiential learning through system design, simulation and actual experimentation on physical systems to enhance the understanding of basic concepts in science, engineering and technology.
  • To provide cutting edge facilities for data acquisition, digital signal processing, real time controls systems and graphical simulation for research in multidisciplinary system design.
  • To provide platform for industry-academia collaboration on multidisciplinary research in system design
  • To provide remotely controllable experimentation facility in engineering and Technology
  • To provide opportunity for interdisciplinary research and team activities
  • To Provide facilities for out of class room real life project

Presently NITK Surathkal has signed an MOU with National Instruments (NI) to setup the Centre for Graphical System Design. Where in NI along with NITK will setup a state of art experimental facility for wide range of data acquisition, digital signal processing and Graphical System Design aiming at multidisciplinary research and experimentation.

Centre is also in talk with different industrial partner to have MOU and active collaboration for mutual benefit and enhancement of quality of education and engineering research.

Centre has taken up the first project titled “SOLVE” in the area of creating virtual labs for engineering education. This project is funded by National Mission on Education through Information and Communication Technology, Ministry of Human Recourses Development, Govt. of India. (solve.nitk.ac.in or vlab.co.in )

Faculty In-charge

CSD phone +91 2473915 
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